High pressure cleaning machine POWER BOX

The Power Box stands for powerful high pressure cleaning in a protected working area

We developed this high pressure cleaning machine to clean even persistent dirt with high pressure.

I a protected area, parts can be cleaned efficiently with high pressure up to 48 bars. The ergonomic design and the door adjustable in height allow a comfortable handling for the worker.

With the high pressure spray gun, parts can be cleaned quickly from persistent dirt. Furthermore, a cleaning brush is integrated in each Power Box. A blow gun can be added optionally. The washing tank of the machine is insulated and the medium is being filtered by the filter with mesh in stainless steel and the fine filter cartridge placed between high pressure pump and the charging pump. A safety pressure switch supervises the pressure before the high pressure pump and advertises when the filter is dirty.

The cabinet is equipped with a large panorama window and an interior lightning. The window can be cleaned with a nozzle.


Power Box


Cleaning with the spray gun

The Power Box is highly rugged and qualitative. The construction in stainless steel and the employment of high quality components offer a long product life.

In this machine, parts may be cleaned with a cleaning brush and a high pressure spray gun. A blow gun can be integrated optionally. In that way, the parts can be blowed off directly after cleaning inside the cabin.

The medium is filtered with a filter with mesh in stainless steel (filtration 200 μm) and a filter cartridge (filtration 50 μm). This filter cartridge is disposed between the high pressure pump and the loading pump. Both filters can be taken out for cleaning.


  • Manual cleaning
  • Service an maintenance
  • Cleaning between production processes

Mode of operation

Interiour of the washing cabin

Firstly, put the parts which have to be cleaned into the machine. After the door has been closed the high pressure pistol can be handled through the two gloves. By activating the foot switch and the trigger of the high pressure pistol, the plunger pump brings the cleaning fluid on the parts to be cleaned. The plunger pump is filled by the charging pump. Between the two pumps, a fine filter with filter cartridge is disposed. The window rinsing can be used as needed.

There is also the possibility to clean the parts manually with the cleaning brush.

For this purpose the door has to be open. After activation of the foot switch the pump conveys for nearly 2 minutes the heated cleaning medium from the tank through the supply guiding to the cleaning brush. Now the parts can be cleaned manually. From the cleaned parts the medium flows back into the tank through the filter box.

The interior lightning is active during the cleaning process.

Technical data

  Power Box
Rated input voltage 230 V - 50 Hz
Flowrate of the high pressure pump 0,5 m³/h
Flowrate of the low pressure pump 0,3 - 2 m³/h
Max. operating pressure 48 bar
Adjustable working pressure  20 - 48 bar
Usable width 700 mm
Usable depth 500 mm
Usable height 500 mm
Heating power 2,0 kW
Max. loading capacity 100 kg
Max. volume of the tank 140 l
Max. operating temperature 48 °C
Medial operating temperature 45 °C
External dimensions (WxDxH)

1340 mm x 755 mm x 1780 mm

height door opened: 2500 mm

On-time 70 %

Standard equipment

Cleaning with the cleaning brush
  • Conceived for alkaline aqueous cleaning fluids with a pH-value of 7-12
  • Solid cleaning machine of stainless steel 1.4301 (washing tub, tank, filter etc.)
  • All parts in contact with the medium are made from stainless steel or rust-resistant materials
  • Fully insulated washing tank
  • High pressure cleaning with adjustable pressure 20 - 48 bar
  • Pre- and secondary cleaning by using a brush
  • 3-plunger high pressure pump
  • Powerful charging pump
  • Appropriate for crane loading
  • System pressure control
  • Full flow filtration including a filter cover (200 μm)
  • Additional filtration by a filter cartridge with an inserted filter 
  • Digital, electronic temperature control
  • Dry running protection of the pump and the heating
  • Leakage monitoring system with forced shutdown
  • Interior lightning
  • Window cleaning by a high pressure nozzle
  • Height adjustable door with gloves
  • Electrical heating cartridge
  • Large panoramic window made from macrolon

Optional equipment

The following options are available:

  • Blow gun
  • Drain cock 1"
  • Adjustment of the spraying pressure at 25, 42 or 48 bar
  • Additional interiour lightning
  • Automatic level control
  • Automatic chemical dosage
  • Collection pan in stainless steel
  • Increase of the max. loading capacity
  • Turnable plate
  • Timer for the heating
  • Modification to a fresh water system
  • Cleaning agent

Further options on demand.

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