The company SPORER PCS GmbH, situated at Mühlental in Saxony, emerged from the SPORER Maschinenbau GmbH the 01.01.2016 and resorts to more than 20 years of experience in the industrial cleaning technology.

Our product range contains simple manual part washers, toploading and frontloading machines, continuous cleaning machines, lift-dipping machines and high pressure cleaning cabins type Power Box as well as complex more-process machines.

We also provide appropriate cleaning agents and we offer service for our machines.

We offer the appropriate product for (almost) every cleaning task - for small car or service workshops as well as industrial companies.

Our construction is supported by CAD and we dispose of modern machines for the CE-conform fabrication of our cleaning plants. All steps of the production are situated in our company in Mühlental, from the construction to the sheet metal working ut to the preparation of the switch box in the electrical department.

Different types of pollution (e.g. oil and grease, emulsifications, dust and swarfs) can be washed off from different types of work pieces, such as turning parts, machinery parts, servicing parts, stamped parts, carrier boxes etc.

For specific cleaning tasks, we offer the possibility to effectuate washing tests in our company with original parts from the customer, to identify the optimal cleaning technology.

The high quality of our products is based on years of experience, a permanent process of development and an optimised fabrication.

A big number of our nationally and internationally patented technologies are employed in our machines.

We respect the environment in several ways: low energy consumption, effective thermal insulation of the machines, circulation of the cleaning fluid and the use of renewable energies.

As indispensable support in your processes of production or maintenance, our machines will help to reduce time and costs and convince you, as they did before in many companies inside and outside of Germany.

Why do we mesh with you?

We are not only a "simple" machine manufacturer, we see ourselves as a "system provider".

In addition to the cleaning plants, we offer the following services:

  • Counseling to identify the fitting machine
  • Counseling to identify the fitting cleaning agent
  • Procuration, providing and disposal of the cleaning agent (partly by partner companies)
  • Financing
  • Charge free washing tests in our house/ location of testing machines
  • Location of machines
  • Maintenance/ servicing
  • Spare parts management