Industrial part cleaning machines from SPORER PCS GmbH - Continuous cleaning machines, metal cleaning machines & more

SPORER PCS GmbH is your experienced partner for industrial part cleaning machines. We develop and we produce solid part cleaning machines in different versions - continuous part cleaning machines, frontloading machines, toploading machines, chamber washing machine, degreasing machines or paint stripping machines. We also realise customized special machines, adapted to your individual wishes and requirements.

Do you need an automatic industrial cleaning machine, an energy saving parts washer and/ or a highly efficient lift-dipping plant? No problem – thanks to our longtime experience, know-how and patented technology, we offer a large product range.

Industrial part cleaning machines from SPORER PCS convince with their high quality and solid fabrication. Protecting the environment is very important for us and we offer a large customer service. We are certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. If needed, our service technicians are at your disposal with help and counsel.


Industrial part cleaning machines for every use

As manufacturer of industrial part cleaning machines, SPORER PCS stands for high quality, functionality and economy. The construction of our machines is supported by CAD projection and manufactured in CE-conformity, if it is a continuous cleaning machine, a frontloading or a toploading machine, a chamber washing machine or a lift-dipping plant.

Our cleaning machines are ideal for cleaning, degreasing or paint stripping of different work pieces. To assure a perfect cleaning result, we offer washing tests in our house with original work pieces from the customer. A permanent development procedure and optimised manufacturing conditions assure the high quality of our industrial part cleaning machines. Cleaning machines for metal work pieces or for other parts, a big number of nationally and internationally patented technologies are applied.

Industrial part cleaning machines from SPORER PCS contribute to environment protection thanks to the economic use of energy, the effective heat insulation, the medium circulation and the use of renewable energies.

Cleaning machines from SPORER PCS can be used for parts cleaning and paint stripping and prove to be an indispensable help in procedures of production and maintenance.

We offer industrial part cleaning machines for every requirement. Let us convince you of the unique quality of our continuous cleaning machines, chamber washing machines or lift-dipping plants. We also provide or advise for metal cleaning machines and we establish a detailed offer.


Continuous part cleaning machines from SPORER PCS

Continuous cleaning machines are used for quick and economic cleaning or degreasing of work pieces. They can be integrated in existing processes of the production.

Our continuous part cleaning machines dispose of a solid construction made from stainless steel made for the industrial use – the whole machine housing is made from stainless steel, too. High quality components and excellent manufacturing are very important to us.

In the continuous part cleaning machines from SPORER PCS, tanks and aggregates (e.g. the pumps) are disposed in the lower level. Above are situated the cleaning chambers, as well as optional aggregates such as plume condensers and fans. The machine control is a programmable controller from Siemens.

Our continuous part cleaning machines are a closed unit with an integrated switch cabinet. A blower that separates a maximum of the rest of medium from the parts can be integrated optionally.


Metal cleaning machines for surface cleaning

Our machines offer professional and reliable part cleaning results – in metal cleaning machines, degreasing machines, paint stripping machines or other machines for surface cleaning.

We are your contact if you need a metal cleaning machine. We develop and produce the fitting machine for you in form of a toploading machine, a frontloading machine, a high-pressure cleaning machine, lift-dipping plants, continuous cleaning machines or special plants – especially adapted to your requirements.

We offer our advice to identify the fitting machine and the appropriated cleaning agent, and we offer cost-free washing tests in our house or we send you a testing machine. We also assure service and maintenance for your metal cleaning machine.

Contact us – we offer our advice with pleasure!


Sporer PCS - supplier of systems for industrial part cleaning machines 

SPORER PCS, located in the Vogtland in German Saxony, is an innovative manufacturer of machinery, that conceives and produces industrial part cleaning machines since more than 20 years. Customers are small workshops as well as big industrial companies. Our part cleaning machines are used in producing companies in all sizes. We offer the possibility to identify the best cleaning technology with washing tests in our house.

The SPORER PCS GmbH sees herself as a supplier of systems. That is why our service is not only to deliver part cleaning machines. We also offer our competent advice to choose the fitting machine and the corresponding cleaning agent. Providing and disposal of the cleaning agent (partly by our business partners) unburdens the intern procedures of the customer. SPORER PCS lends testing machines, offers charge-free washing tests and supports to find a financing of the chosen machine. We also lend industrial part cleaning machines. Our service is completed with servicing, maintenance and management of the spare parts.


Nationally and internationally patented industrial part cleaning machines for all applications

Our product range contains manual part washers, Power Box – high pressure cleaning machines, toploading machines, lift-dipping plants. Frontloading machines, MP Cleaner, continuous cleaning machines and special machines.

We offer two types of part washers in stainless steel for manual cleaning, maintenance and servicing or cleaning between processes of the production. Cleaning is done manually when the parts have been placed inside the parts washer. You can choose between a cleaning brush and a flexible hose system.

In the protected cleaning cabin of the high-pressure cleaning machine Power Box, parts can be cleaned with a pressure up to 48 bars. The high-pressure gun is used from the outside through a pair of gloves.

Our toploading machines have been developed for the hard industrial use. Residues of oil and grease can be eliminated easily in car workshops, industries and handicraft enterprises.

Lift-dipping plants are used for degreasing or paint stripping, conservation, passivation or phosphatising of parts.

Big and heavy parts we offer machines with one cleaning chamber. There solid frontloading machines made from stainless steel clean by spraying. The parts rest in a fixed position during cleaning process, that is why frontloaders can also be used for sensitive parts.

MP cleaners are practical machines with multiple functions. They can effectuate oscillating dipping movements and pressurised injection, spray cleaning, dipping, ultrasound, vacuum drying and blowing.

Continuous part cleaning machines are used to clean a big number of similar parts. Continuous cleaning machines and special plants are always adapted to the customer’s requirements.


Why choose industrial part cleaning machines from SPORER PCS?

All important departments such as the construction, the metal working and the electric are situated in our house. In this way, we are able to realise the customer’s requirements quickly and efficiently. Our team consists of very well skilled and continuously trained, highly motivated persons, who distinguish themselves with high professional competence and trustworthy action. Of course, we are certified DIN EN ISO 9001. Industrial part cleaning machines from SPORER PCS are made from stainless steel, easy to handle and thoroughly developed in all details. The heated machines are insulated between double-walled stainless steel sheets and help to economise energy and operating costs. Powerful pumps and high-quality seals grant a long operating life of our industrial part cleaning machines.